Less is more


By Wayne Nicholson

Less is more This is a saying we are all familiar with but what does it mean when it comes to selling your home. It means DE-CLUTTER your property before you show it to prospective buyers. You see what we have come to collect and enjoy over the many years may not be a great selling point when presenting your home for sale. An extra antique chair here, lots and lots…..and lots of family photos there, a stuffed animal from your recent trip to Africa and hundreds of books in multiple book shelves that you have read and collected over time. All of this plus more gives YOU a warm fuzzy homely feeling when you are sitting watching TV, but can and does put buyers off. The ultimate move would be to hire the services of a property stylist who is very experienced in their role but if you didn’t want to go to that expense, just ask your agent for some advice on the matter. They should be honest and upfront and offer suggestions to you that are not meant to hurt your feelings simply constructed to help you achieve the HIGHEST POSSIBLE MARKET PRICE IN THE SHORTEST POSSIBLE TIME ON MARKET. Make certain the shed is de-cluttered also and the kid’s bikes and toys are stored rather than lying around. Buyers imagine themselves living in the home they are inspecting d will get a positive feeling if the home is beautifully presented and de-cluttered. We like to tell our sellers that you can never present a home too well. This means that without necessarily spending lots of money in preparation for sale, it means spending some time ensuring the home sparkles like a new pin. If you are not certain whether you are too cluttered, ask a friend whose opinion you trust, view open homes in your area or ultimately talk to a professional agent. LESS IS DEFINITELY MORE. By Wayne P. Nicholson