Do I need a solicitor?

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By Wayne Nicholson

Do I need a solicitor? I WOULD SAY WITHOUT FEAR THIS WOULD BE ONE OF THE QUESTIONS I HAVE BEEN MOST ASKED OVER THE LAST 37 YEARS. The short answer is of course NO… don’t NEED a solicitor and you don’t NEED home insurance if your home is never going to burn down or flood. My point is….hiring a solicitor is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to ensure that your conveyance goes smoothly and gives you the legal protection that you need. A solicitor is insurance and just like any form of insurance if you don’t need them the money seems wasted but when you do it could save you thousands of dollars and or you could be sued for something that you were not aware of. Most solicitors set their fees to market conditions and in all honesty I reckon around $700 to do the conveyance of my most valuable asset that I will ever own is CHEAP and MONEY WELL SPENT. AT ALL TIMES WHEN BUYING OR SELLING A HOUSE……USE A SOLICITOR. By Wayne P. Nicholson