You should get one

By Wayne Nicholson

BUILDING AND PEST INSPECTIONS… A MUST WHEN YOU BUY When you purchase a second hand home it is prudent to always get a building and pest report on the property and indeed make the contract subject to within 7-14 days. A reputable building inspector will point out the deficiencies in the property if any and give you advice as to how to repair them and the report will cost you around $400. Please bear in mind that the home is second hand, and small or trivial items of repair may not be rectified by the seller nor should they be expected to. If you want a faultless home then perhaps you should build a new one. If there is major structural damage to the home then the repairs may form part of further price negotiation on the deal. For example we have had situations in the past where the roof was in a poor shape at the cost of a new roof was $14,000. In our case the seller offered to reduce his price by $10,000 and the buyer was happy with that given that there was still a few more years in the existing roof. Likewise with a pest report for white ants if there are white ants active in the house structure then you may or may not want to proceed. Most sellers if not all, probably didn’t know the ants were there and are very prepared to do whatever is necessary to eradicate the problem. Buyers normally accept this. If the report shows white ants in the fence or back garden then Sellers are less likely to do anything about this as 85% of houses in Townsville will have white ants in their gardens. Which brings me to my next point. If I was SELLING a house tomorrow I would get a building and pest report done before putting the home on the market. The $400 cost of doing so will point out any deficiencies and allow me to rectify the problems BEFORE a buyer inspects and thus negating any negative thoughts the buyer might have otherwise had. There are roofing companies in particular who will inspect your roof for FREE prior to putting your home on the market and quote you for any work required. I reckon this is a cracker of a service. At the end of the day when BUYING OR SELLING my strong advice is to get a BUILDING AND PEST inspection. For the sum total of around $400 it is great insurance and a smart thing to do. By Wayne P. Nicholson